EAS Agency

Customized electronic solutions for different fields of application:

  • Technical consulting starting in early stages of product development
  • Assistance in service, manufacturing technologies and test
  • Service from prototyping up to series manufacturing

Specialized on modern technologies of the electronic packaging on various board types we serve the manufacturing of components, sensor elements, assembled boards, electronic modules, Hybrid circuits on ceramic substrates as well as special packaging solutions and multichip modules in different complexity and volume.

  • Consulting during layout for thin- and thickfilm technology – including integrated resistors

    EAS Agency - Teamwork for your project

    EAS Agency – Teamwork for your project

  • Packaging-concepts, support and re-engineering of obsolete components and modules
  • Board manufacturing in thickfilm and thinfilm technology on ceramic substrates Al2O3, AlN and LTCC multilayer
  • Assembly of SMD and THT components, combination of SMD / BGA components with CoB (Chip on Board) on PCB (Printed Circuit Board), polyimide, ceramic and glass
  • Chip-on-Board solutions (COB) – high precision assembly of bare dies and MMIC give you a higher package density
  • Wirebonding with Au or Al wire or Al thickwire
  • Passivation, Glob-Top, customized housings, electrical contacts
    (connectors, sockets, cables)
  • Test for function and stress according MIL STD 883 or like customer specification

We complete our service of development and manufacturing of electronic modules and sensor modules by an purchasing service statting from the board (PCB), active and passive components, connectors, housings up to Sensor elements.

What ever is your customer specific requirement: with our broad range of available manufacturing technologies we assist you in miniaturisation, high density packaging, high reliable (HIREL) solutions. We do this for harsh environments like high temperature as well as for integration of sensors and electronic in one module. Research institutes are welcome!

Please send your request to electronic@eas-agency.de